I'm here!

I am sorry I don't blog. I just don't have the extra energy after work and every other necessary responsibility.
So, we had a great Thanksgiving week with our families! I want to post pictures but I'm tired so I will just tell you the important news.
We found out we are having a BOY! We were very surprised!!! We are so excited to meet our cute litte boy!


A little light

I finally see a little light in this black abyss of nausia. I am at the beginning of the second trimester and thankfully, feeling mostly better. I was scared it would last longer like it did for my mom.
Well, being pregnant has been a test for me. I'm sure I learn something by the end of it and be a stronger person. I know everything in my life is for my experience and good.


Not to be a downer but,

I HATE being pregnant! Bring on the labor... that is temporary! This is taking for forever! I am miserable and have only found a little relief through a prescription med that my doctor perscribed. I hope this (part) ends soon!!! I am exhausted. I drag my sorry behind (that's already getting bigger) to work and crash on the couch for the rest of the night after I get home. That reminds me, thank you, again, hunny for being the most wonderful! You have taken a huge load off by cleaning, cooking and pretty much doing everything except for going to work for me.
I am 11 weeks so my due date is the beginning of April. We heard the heart beat and were lucky to get an ultrasound last week. It was so sweet to hear that little beating heart. We love that we are finally experiencing all of this for ourselves!


Fun times!

We have had a lot a fun the last couple of weekends spending it with family. We watched fireworks and had a bbq, the next day went boating and then...

... went up Weber Canyon and stayed at my stepmom's Cabin. We went hiking and four-wheelin and had a lot of fun.

This last weekend we went to Georgetown. We always have a great time and procrastinate coming home.
We went to a hoedown with two of Danny's sisters and their significant others. We all danced like there was no tomorrow. It was the funnest night Danny and I have had in a while.

The next day my loverbuns took me fishin'. This is the brookie I caught. They don't get very big in Georgetown creek but its a pretty one.
We just had a blast with family and the new puppy. He is sooooooooo cute! The puppy is cute too:)


Blogging is not healthy for me

I find myself being jealous of all of you. Not any one particular person, but all of you lumped together create an amazingly fun/happy/blissful/charming/ exciting[ life that I am really jealous of. I am jealous of those who live in Hawaii and those who have annual passes to Disneyland, and those who went on a cruise, or to Mexico, or to Syria, or just had the cutest twins, or those who can express themselves well, and the list goes on.
I try not to think about it for long because I know that it is illogical and unfair! Its illogical and unfair because no one person gets to do ALL of that stuff. And, honestly, do you want to blog about the really crappy part of life, no!
In reality I have a great life and get to do fun things too! Seeing my friends have happy, meaningful lives adds to my happiness as well.
Ahh, I just had to vent! Do you understand me? Do you feel that way sometimes or is it just crazy old me?
So, tomorrow... or at least within a couple days, I will post some pics of the recent fun stuff.
P.S. I really am a happy, optimistic person. But, I guess I still have some growing up to do... not being so selfish that I want all of those experiences for myself. I lam so greatful for and appreciate the things I have, the experiences of my life, the people I know, the knowledge I have and the knowledge that my Heavenly Father has given me everything and continues to guide me through my faith. I WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD!!!

We meet again

Ohhhhhh, blogging (sigh)! I spend a lot more time on blogger than you all might think. I look at all of your far more interesting sites instead of keeping up with my boring blog. There are just too many of you that I love and want to keep up with the goings on in your lives!!!

But, alas, a new post is past due. I will start with fulfilling my tag assignemt. Are you happy now Carrie?

1. 10 years ago...I was just about a senior in high school. Oh, the care-free days!

2. 5 things to do today... I went to work (an hour late... was bored out of my mind...). Read friend's blogs. Blog. My favorite hobby with my hubby, bake a pie.

3. Favorite snack... right now- I don't really have one. I try not to snack a lot at work. I have to watch my girlish figure, you know.

4. If I were to become a millionaire I would... I would set aside $100,000 to pay for my husbands schooling, a trip to Hawaii, a trip to NY, and maybe Europe too. Continue to work, well, until I have babies. Invest another $100,000 short term. And then, invest the rest long term

5. Places I've lived...Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, California, Spain, Utah and Washington.

6. I tag... no one because I am a party pooper!



I may not be any better at blogging in the near future.
I am convinced that blogging is best suited for stay at home moms. Even if you are working out of your home. Being at home is more conducive to blogging!
Also, our internet connect (or the wi-fi connection we borrow) isn't good enough to upload pictures... I have to fix that problem, somehow.
So, we are doing well here! We are having a great time in our new place, finally being settled again. Work is... work, but not bad.
The exciting recent event was a trip to St. George with the George family. I would post pictures but I can't.
I guess if I still want to do this I'll have to be creative with the posts to be interesting enough to read, instead of relying on pictures. That will be a challenge!
Til' we meet again.


I am horrible at blogging

So... we finally found jobs in Salt Lake and moved down. Since I have been working full time again I have had less time to blog, among other things.
I am a marketing assistant at Weir Specialty Pumps. They make custom industrial pumps, yadda yadda, its pretty boring stuff but it got us down here.
Danny decided to work for Sunrise Contractors Network again except this time he is in sales and not installation. He likes it because he can interact with lots of people. He is doing really well so far but like all sales jobs it will take a while to get it up and running full speed.
Basically, our lives are pretty boring right now but I will still try to post.
Oh, oh! We did celebrate our First Anniversary! Yea! I love my cute husband! We celebrated with our family because there was a more important event that day.

Danny's oldest brother Pat and his family adopted a little girl last August. The adoption finally went through and they were able to be sealed. We attended the sealing of little Natalie Mae in the Idaho Falls Temple. She was blessed the next day. It was a great family weekend.
The happy family!

The proud parents.

Courtney was having fun! She is sooooo cute!

The next weekend there was another baby blessing in the family. Benjamin was dressed for the occasion in his tux.


The man I thought I married

Blogging has lots appeal already. I am sorry I am not better at keeping up with it more regularly.
We have been in Utah just about every weekend for the last month and a half for one reason or another. Danny wants to go again this weekend to go snow boarding with his bro. I am sick of driving down there but Danny told me last night that he just wants to get out of this boring valley whenever he gets the chance.
If you know us, you would know that this has been a source of arguments in our home, where we are going to live. When we were dating Danny said he didn't care if we lived in the city or the country (specifically Bear Lake). When we got married a switch flipped and Danny would hardly think of living anywhere other than Bear Lake. Since we moved from Vancouver to Bear Lake three months ago he has genuinely missed the city life. Imagine that, my country boy turned city boy (not totally). Anyway, so when he said last night that he wants to get out of here whenever he can my reply was, "Who are you and what have you done with Danny George"? He had a pensive look on his face for a split second and said, "I am the man you thought you married". I laughed about that several times last night just sporadically bursting out in laughter.

Here are some pictures of our almost weekly trips to Utah.

We visited one of my best friends from High School, Martha and her husband Keegan (who also went to the same High School). They live in Logan, UT and are finishing school this term. They were so nice to have us for dinner for homemade Big Macs. We played Nerts for a couple hours too.
I visited one of my other best friends from teen years, Elisa Ludwig. They moved back to UT after being in Philadelphia for a few years for grad school. She has two cute kids! We have a lot of fun when we get toghether.

We also saw Danny's bro and family. That's Braiden and Danny getting matching hairstyles. They are so cute together! Danny's hairstyle finished off with a buzz. Now he looks bald... as if he wouldn't be soon enough. Thanks Mike!
It was pretty funny, though, everywhere we went that weekend people we talked to would say, "Oh, you two must be brothers." Then they would point out Ryan, Danny and Mikes cousin who is in his thirties and say, "Is this your Dad?" We all got a good laugh every time that happened! Sorry, Ryan. You really don't look old enough to be their dad!

My bro Jason and his family were in town for the weekend so those of us in the area stayed at my dad's house for a few days. We missed the Gaytons, though! We always have a lot of fun being together! None of us wanted to leave! The boys had fun playing the Wii.

There is the perfect, most awesome sledding hill by my dad's house. Every winter (the last 5 that he's lived there) I have dreamt of sledding on this hill. We finally did it! Alia and Faith loved it too!

Danny loved the fake snowboard to practice on. I was impressed with my hottie husband as he flew down the hill and made jumps with this "snowboard", rather, piece of flimsy rubber with foot straps. Its hard to see in the pic but there is a jump just below Danny with which he could catch 3-4 feet of air.

Jason took this picture of his cute beta fish. This is Jada, Jason's second kid. She is beautiful but "has a little bit of a weight problem".

This is Gracie, Steve's fifth. She is so sweet!


Happy Valentine's Day!

I love my husband very much... so I bought him a truck for Valentine's Day. He better love me forever!
Actually, we bought it last Sat. because we need a second vehicle. We got a really good deal (hence bying a truck and not another car). I like trucks too but I don't think I will ever get to drive it because Danny loves it so much.


A Slice of Peach Pie!

One of our favorite activities to pass the winter days is baking! I mentioned in a previous post that Danny would only help me make green chili enchiladas. Well, now he cooks two things. His favorite thing to help me make is homemade peach pie! We made three just last week. I have to admit, they are DELICIOUS! The whole pie is gone in less than 12 hours. At the least, they are good, for beginners.

Thanks for the recipe Grandma George!


Winter Daze

Sorry, its been a while... we have had some George family emergencies in the last couple of weeks but don't worry, all is ok!
What I have been doing to keep myself busy, besides looking for jobs in SL, is snow shoeing in the mountains of SE Idaho. I have gone several times with a couple in the ward, Steve and Mary Hill; they have been kind to take me with them and lend me a pair of snow shoes. I have enjoyed our outings even in the snowy winter days.

Steve and Mary Hill

My cute snow shoes!

Last week Mary and I walked back home after a short snow shoe journey. We noticed that a deer was stuck on a fence about 100 yards away. We put our snow shoes back on and walked across the field to it. I thought it was exciting. I felt heroic. We pulled and tugged on the fence and the deer to try to free its back leg that had been impaled by small knob at the top of the cross bars. You can see them in the picture, they are very small. A quarter of an inch knob is all it took to trap this deer. From trying to free itself (before we discovered it) its leg broke. After about five minutes we did free the deer. However, it was too late for us to save it, it cannot survive with a broken leg but we figured it might be a little, just a little, more at peace when it died if it wasn't hanging on a fence.

It has warmed up here in Georgetown the last couple of days its only temporary, though. This is when everone in town gets on their roof and shovels all the snow and ice off. This is a chunk of ice that Danny chiseled off the flat overhang off the side of the house. It was too big to pick up. Some chunks were even thicker than this and up to a foot.There was a huge pile of snow and ice big enough that we had to shovel a walking path around it. The picture doesn't do the size of the ice chunks justice.


I have been tagged!

Normally, I don't do these things but I have nothing new to put on my blog. However, in case you care, I put a a few more wedding pics on the first post.

How long have you been together?
We met on July 23, 2006. We got engaged on Dec. 30, 2006 and got married March 23, 2007.

Who said "I Love You" first?
Danny said it first and was crushed that I didn't say it back. I think I said it a few weeks later, though. Now, we are both very good at telling each other often how much we love each other!

Who is smarter?
I am, I graduated from college. I hope he decides to pursue that goal. However, there are some things that he is a lot better at than me, such as, building things (hopefully, our house someday), handy work, cars, hunting, and fly fishing... he looks like a stud when he's fishing! He also has a lot more drive and passion than I have... my drive and passion is almost non-existent.

Who Pays the Bills?
I pay them because he hates to see all of his hard-earned money going away. But, he needs to be more aware of the finances!

Who Cooks Dinner?
I cook. He helps me though, if I am making enchiladas. Just enchiladas, he likes helping me with those, but nothing else... I can't explain it.

Who drives when you're in the car together?
Danny drives, but I wish I could drive more because I love it.

Who is the most stubborn?
Our opinions differ on this question:)

Who wears the pants in your family?
I think I do but I let him wear them sometimes:)

Three random things about me...
1. In highschool my friends told me I should be a taxi driver because I knew how to get everywhere but I would love to be a race car driver!!! I think that would be awesome!
2. I had an internship with the US Navy, for which they payed me to live in Spain for three and a half months.
3. I love longboard skateboarding!


And more Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

This entry is inspired by a comment from my brother on the "new doctrine" post. He quoted a Deep Thought byJack Handey. Deep Thoughts was a segment on Saturday Night Live that was replaced a few years later with the not quite as funny Fuzzy Memories. There are a few deep thoughts that I remember. They go something like this.

"If a child asks why it is raining tell them that God is crying. If they ask why God is crying, tell them it is probably because of something they did!"

"If you are robbing a bank and your pants fall down I think it is ok to laugh and to let the hostages laugh too because life is funny."

"If you ever fall off the Sears Tower, just go real limp, because maybe you'll look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy. "

If you remember a deep thought or fuzzy memory please let us know by posting a comment.


This is why I love Hawaii! Need I say more...

NO! But, I will anyway. Today I decided to take a walk. The sun was shining brightly and I wanted a breath of fresh air. So, I dressed up and ventured out.

I was home in 15 minutes; I didn't last long in the 10 degree weather even with a beanie, scarf, coat, and gloves!
We would much rather be in Hawaii!
My love affair with paradise will never end. So, you all better get used to seeing the pictures!


New Doctrine?

It would be worth it to me to have this blog site for this story and this story only. This happened about a year and a half a go during our first Bear Lake Family Vacation experience that I described on the first post.

We went to church in Georgetown, ID in the red brick chapel on the corner of Main Street. So far, we were impressed with the meetings and speakers of the day. My (unbeknownst to me at the time) future mother-in-law gave a great gospel doctrine lesson that I still remember. My small town prejudices were beginning to change.

My sister, sisters-in-law, step-mom, and I proceeded to the third hour meeting, Relief Society. The meeting opened as usual with a song, prayer, and anouncements. Then the teacher stood at the podium and commenced her lesson on "The Condensation of God." Without making a scene I cocked my head to the side a little and justified, for the teacher, that she just had trouble pronouncing it at first, it can be confusing. I'll give her a break I thought. She continued with her lesson and a minute later mentioned how marvelous the "Condensation of God" had been. She didn't studder over the word condensation nor did she try to correct herself. Did no one else from the humble Relief Society notice? Was I, and my family the only ones trying to hold back laughter? Apparently, because no one bothered to tell the poor sister who gave the entire half hour lesson on the "Condensation of God."

If you think about it, technically, God could condensate if He wanted to. However, I don't think that is something we should start teaching as doctrine.

Well, they say God has a sense of humor. I hope He laughs over that as much as I do!!!


Love at first sight

This is our trip to Hawaii that we took in November. Danny fell in love with Hawaii at first sight!

We've arrived! And we all got hawaiian leis.
Even Spencey got a lei! This is Bubby's little brother, who was about 3mos old at the time. He was not a "go with the flow" type of guy. However, he was a perfect angel on the trip and has been ever since. Hawaii is a wonderful place!!!
Our first hawaiian sunset. Danny fell in love with Hawaii again at the first hawaiian sunset!
We loved snorkeling at Haunauma Bay!!!
We went to Pearl Harbor. It is a solemn place. This is part of the USS Arizona that was sunk on December 7, 1941; "A day that will live in infamy." These are the "black tears of the Arizona."
Hawaii is my favorite place to be on Thanksgiving! My tradition, that has become a family tradition, for whoever is there, is to go to the beach on Thanksgiving, while the turkey is already in the oven. Then we come home and shower really quickly, make the side dishes, then sit down at about 6pm for Thanksgiving dinner. The best place for dinner is none other than my brother's garage. Its awesome!!!No one can rain on our parade, except maybe the sky. This was a Christmas parade in Waikiki.
I had to introduce Danny to Matsumotos for shave ice! The best flavor is lilikoi (passion fruit) in case any of you go there.
This is the tower in Pearl Harbor that is also on Ford Island. See below for more pictures. We went to Sea Life Park and saw lots of dolphins, fish, turtles, seals and so on.
Danny holding a starfish. He was scared at first:)
Cute penguin!
Danny was fascinated with the shark. This was after his encounter (see below).
My mom works on Ford Island so we had a private tour. This is the USS Utah which, also sank on Dec. 7, 1941.
Just some monument that I can't remember what its for.
We hiked Diamond Head.
Beautiful view from Diamond Head overlooking Lighthouse Beach.
Out of all the activities Danny loved surfing the most! That is until he saw a six foot shark below him. It took him a few days to get back in the water, but he did it. My brother Jason was jealous because he's lived there eight years and never seen one while surfing.

Danny got so good at surfing that he entered a competition and won:)- jk This is the annual Reef comp. at Haleiwa Beach.
We were going to hike up China Man's Hat. However, it is about a 300yd walk in waste deep water and then the easy part of 20 mins up the "hat". We chose not to do this because to the left of the picture there were very dark, ominous looking clouds. We left and it started to pour 10 mins later.