I am horrible at blogging

So... we finally found jobs in Salt Lake and moved down. Since I have been working full time again I have had less time to blog, among other things.
I am a marketing assistant at Weir Specialty Pumps. They make custom industrial pumps, yadda yadda, its pretty boring stuff but it got us down here.
Danny decided to work for Sunrise Contractors Network again except this time he is in sales and not installation. He likes it because he can interact with lots of people. He is doing really well so far but like all sales jobs it will take a while to get it up and running full speed.
Basically, our lives are pretty boring right now but I will still try to post.
Oh, oh! We did celebrate our First Anniversary! Yea! I love my cute husband! We celebrated with our family because there was a more important event that day.

Danny's oldest brother Pat and his family adopted a little girl last August. The adoption finally went through and they were able to be sealed. We attended the sealing of little Natalie Mae in the Idaho Falls Temple. She was blessed the next day. It was a great family weekend.
The happy family!

The proud parents.

Courtney was having fun! She is sooooo cute!

The next weekend there was another baby blessing in the family. Benjamin was dressed for the occasion in his tux.


Da Denninghoff's said...

I was wondering how you were doing. So you moved back to Utah huh. Well that's good that you're close to family friends. Keep up the blogging!

ellen said...

yay! i love seeing your posts! i know though about blogging, it is feast or famine here tpp. what a beautiful baby and what a wonderful way to spend an annaversary! and yay on the jobs. where in sl are you anyways? we are coming out this summer for my brothers wedding:)

babydoll said...

We definitely want to see you when you come down. I am in a play right now, so I will have practice, but hopefully we can still get together. Let me know what days you will be here. And Salt Lake is pretty close. We were just there for conference weekend. Getting together shouldn't be too hard. Congrats on making it the first year! It only gets better and better and better!


You got some great pics of Natalie's sealing day, and of Ben in his darling little tux. I totally forgot to pull my camera out at all both weekends - ugh! We're so glad you guys are here and love spending time with you!

Mikael said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I can't believe it has already been a year. So glad to hear you guys had a great 1st yr.
I LOVE the last pic of the little boy in the white tux. I WANT 2 of those for my twins! Where do you get them?? SO CUTE.
I love you julee. You are so awesome. keep up the hard work

Jay and Jillian said...

time flies! glad to hear that you aren't so far... drop by sometime, maybe we could get out without men or kids?! take care!

Anonymous said...

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