Fun times!

We have had a lot a fun the last couple of weekends spending it with family. We watched fireworks and had a bbq, the next day went boating and then...

... went up Weber Canyon and stayed at my stepmom's Cabin. We went hiking and four-wheelin and had a lot of fun.

This last weekend we went to Georgetown. We always have a great time and procrastinate coming home.
We went to a hoedown with two of Danny's sisters and their significant others. We all danced like there was no tomorrow. It was the funnest night Danny and I have had in a while.

The next day my loverbuns took me fishin'. This is the brookie I caught. They don't get very big in Georgetown creek but its a pretty one.
We just had a blast with family and the new puppy. He is sooooooooo cute! The puppy is cute too:)


Blogging is not healthy for me

I find myself being jealous of all of you. Not any one particular person, but all of you lumped together create an amazingly fun/happy/blissful/charming/ exciting[ life that I am really jealous of. I am jealous of those who live in Hawaii and those who have annual passes to Disneyland, and those who went on a cruise, or to Mexico, or to Syria, or just had the cutest twins, or those who can express themselves well, and the list goes on.
I try not to think about it for long because I know that it is illogical and unfair! Its illogical and unfair because no one person gets to do ALL of that stuff. And, honestly, do you want to blog about the really crappy part of life, no!
In reality I have a great life and get to do fun things too! Seeing my friends have happy, meaningful lives adds to my happiness as well.
Ahh, I just had to vent! Do you understand me? Do you feel that way sometimes or is it just crazy old me?
So, tomorrow... or at least within a couple days, I will post some pics of the recent fun stuff.
P.S. I really am a happy, optimistic person. But, I guess I still have some growing up to do... not being so selfish that I want all of those experiences for myself. I lam so greatful for and appreciate the things I have, the experiences of my life, the people I know, the knowledge I have and the knowledge that my Heavenly Father has given me everything and continues to guide me through my faith. I WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD!!!

We meet again

Ohhhhhh, blogging (sigh)! I spend a lot more time on blogger than you all might think. I look at all of your far more interesting sites instead of keeping up with my boring blog. There are just too many of you that I love and want to keep up with the goings on in your lives!!!

But, alas, a new post is past due. I will start with fulfilling my tag assignemt. Are you happy now Carrie?

1. 10 years ago...I was just about a senior in high school. Oh, the care-free days!

2. 5 things to do today... I went to work (an hour late... was bored out of my mind...). Read friend's blogs. Blog. My favorite hobby with my hubby, bake a pie.

3. Favorite snack... right now- I don't really have one. I try not to snack a lot at work. I have to watch my girlish figure, you know.

4. If I were to become a millionaire I would... I would set aside $100,000 to pay for my husbands schooling, a trip to Hawaii, a trip to NY, and maybe Europe too. Continue to work, well, until I have babies. Invest another $100,000 short term. And then, invest the rest long term

5. Places I've lived...Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, California, Spain, Utah and Washington.

6. I tag... no one because I am a party pooper!