The man I thought I married

Blogging has lots appeal already. I am sorry I am not better at keeping up with it more regularly.
We have been in Utah just about every weekend for the last month and a half for one reason or another. Danny wants to go again this weekend to go snow boarding with his bro. I am sick of driving down there but Danny told me last night that he just wants to get out of this boring valley whenever he gets the chance.
If you know us, you would know that this has been a source of arguments in our home, where we are going to live. When we were dating Danny said he didn't care if we lived in the city or the country (specifically Bear Lake). When we got married a switch flipped and Danny would hardly think of living anywhere other than Bear Lake. Since we moved from Vancouver to Bear Lake three months ago he has genuinely missed the city life. Imagine that, my country boy turned city boy (not totally). Anyway, so when he said last night that he wants to get out of here whenever he can my reply was, "Who are you and what have you done with Danny George"? He had a pensive look on his face for a split second and said, "I am the man you thought you married". I laughed about that several times last night just sporadically bursting out in laughter.

Here are some pictures of our almost weekly trips to Utah.

We visited one of my best friends from High School, Martha and her husband Keegan (who also went to the same High School). They live in Logan, UT and are finishing school this term. They were so nice to have us for dinner for homemade Big Macs. We played Nerts for a couple hours too.
I visited one of my other best friends from teen years, Elisa Ludwig. They moved back to UT after being in Philadelphia for a few years for grad school. She has two cute kids! We have a lot of fun when we get toghether.

We also saw Danny's bro and family. That's Braiden and Danny getting matching hairstyles. They are so cute together! Danny's hairstyle finished off with a buzz. Now he looks bald... as if he wouldn't be soon enough. Thanks Mike!
It was pretty funny, though, everywhere we went that weekend people we talked to would say, "Oh, you two must be brothers." Then they would point out Ryan, Danny and Mikes cousin who is in his thirties and say, "Is this your Dad?" We all got a good laugh every time that happened! Sorry, Ryan. You really don't look old enough to be their dad!

My bro Jason and his family were in town for the weekend so those of us in the area stayed at my dad's house for a few days. We missed the Gaytons, though! We always have a lot of fun being together! None of us wanted to leave! The boys had fun playing the Wii.

There is the perfect, most awesome sledding hill by my dad's house. Every winter (the last 5 that he's lived there) I have dreamt of sledding on this hill. We finally did it! Alia and Faith loved it too!

Danny loved the fake snowboard to practice on. I was impressed with my hottie husband as he flew down the hill and made jumps with this "snowboard", rather, piece of flimsy rubber with foot straps. Its hard to see in the pic but there is a jump just below Danny with which he could catch 3-4 feet of air.

Jason took this picture of his cute beta fish. This is Jada, Jason's second kid. She is beautiful but "has a little bit of a weight problem".

This is Gracie, Steve's fifth. She is so sweet!