Our best friend,
six weeks old
12 pounds 13 ounces.

(pictured, 2 weeks old)

Bliss is what I have been feeling the last six weeks! Besides that, I don't know if I can describe in words how great motherhood is. It is amazing that we can be creators of life like our heavenly parents. I am so thankful for the blessings of being a parent. The nine months of misery is totally worth it!

He is still a sweet little boy. Although, he is a little naughty in the way that he only wants to sleep in our arms during the day. It has made it a little difficult for me to get ready or do anything besides hold him. But, for the most part I am not complaining because all I have wanted to do is hold him; it will be such a short time that he will want to be in my arms.

We have enjoyed every minute! Danny didn't even get mad last night when Zach peed on him, including a few drops in his mouth. Gross!

Zach has always been a smiley kid (in his sleep, as seen below) but the last couple of weeks he has, several times, smiled consciously and cooed at us.

I love the color of his hair. I love when he has bed head. I love all the noises he makes, grunts, coos, squeaks and even cries, since it is relatively infrequent.


The George family


Welcome Zachary Noel George Born Wed. April 22, 2009
20 1/2 inches, 8lbs. 9oz.

I woke up Wed. morning about 5am with contractions that were about 3 mins. apart. I thought I would have at least all morning to get ready to go to the hospital.
At about 7am I took a shower, my water broke... I GUSHED water with every contraction. The nurse couldn't believe how much water was in there. There was so much water that even at about 5pm my midwife had to break my water again. Part of the sack had been pooling some more water.We went to the hospital about 9am. Labor was painful between 10am to about 1pm... I had only progressed from 3cm to 4cm. I was already exhausted and not looking forward to a possible 12 or more hours. So, I got an epidural. It was great. My husband, mom, sister and mother in law were all having a party in the room beforehand while I lay in the bed peacefully contracting.
Within a couple hours after the midwife broke my water it became evident that because of all the water, even in the later stages of labor, it didn't allow our boy to drop into the birth canal correctly. He was in a bad position, chin first anterior, meaning it is not deliverable. His neck could have broken and he could have broken my pelvis. The midwife brought in her back-up. Within five minutes I was in the o.r. being prepped for a c-section. It was an emotional time for the both of us. They ended up having to put me all the way under because I couldn't hold still. It felt like reflexes that I couldn't control because there was a a little bit of pain and a lot of pressure.Three minutes later at 6:53pm our little boy was born. I woke up enough to kiss my little boy on the head but I couldn't open my eyes to see him. I did not get to see him for over an hour. But at least at that time I could hold him against me without assistance from anyone.
I never imagined that I would have a c-section. But, we are so glad to have our boy. He is soooooooo sweet and has a mellow personality, right now at least. We love him so much and cannot believe how much love we are filled with even during the middle of the night feedings and changings. Danny is a great father who can't get over how cute our son is. He does all the changing since my mobility is decreased. He takes great care of me too. My mom has also been here to help me out and she has been a huge help! I am greatful to have them around because I have needed a lot more help than I expected. I am doing pretty well. The pain is probably comparable to a conventional delivery recovery. However, I have to move very slowly and I can't stand up straight. I can only stand for a few minutes at a time. So much for the excitement of being able to get out of bed or roll over in bed with ease. It is now even more difficult. IT IS ALL WORTH IT!


Almost over

I am 11 days overdue. We have decided that given the circumstances I will be induced on Thursday.

The things I am most excited for:
To finally meet our little boy!!!
To see my ankles bones again.
To have my feet fit in my shoes.
To be able to roll over in bed without so much effort.
To be able to get out of bed without so much effort.
To have my right hand not tingle any more.
To have my belly feel like its not going to burst open from the pressure.

We'll keep you posted.



I am nearing the end of pregnancy, finally!!! It seems like I have been pregnant for a year and a half. Each month or week has brought a new joy. The most recent is two weeks ago when my ankles disappeared.
Overall the 8th and 9th months aren't too bad, seriously.
We are so excited and anxious to know when we get to meet our little boy!
Now for pics.

This was about 33 weeks

35 weeks

This was at my babyshower. Thank you Lynne, Kristi and Beth. It was a fun day. Thank you to the friends and family that came. I enjoyed seeing you all!
These were the perfect dessert! Thanks Lynne!

Align Center36-37 weeks
I don't know, there is so many weeks they all run together.