Happy Valentine's Day!

I love my husband very much... so I bought him a truck for Valentine's Day. He better love me forever!
Actually, we bought it last Sat. because we need a second vehicle. We got a really good deal (hence bying a truck and not another car). I like trucks too but I don't think I will ever get to drive it because Danny loves it so much.


A Slice of Peach Pie!

One of our favorite activities to pass the winter days is baking! I mentioned in a previous post that Danny would only help me make green chili enchiladas. Well, now he cooks two things. His favorite thing to help me make is homemade peach pie! We made three just last week. I have to admit, they are DELICIOUS! The whole pie is gone in less than 12 hours. At the least, they are good, for beginners.

Thanks for the recipe Grandma George!


Winter Daze

Sorry, its been a while... we have had some George family emergencies in the last couple of weeks but don't worry, all is ok!
What I have been doing to keep myself busy, besides looking for jobs in SL, is snow shoeing in the mountains of SE Idaho. I have gone several times with a couple in the ward, Steve and Mary Hill; they have been kind to take me with them and lend me a pair of snow shoes. I have enjoyed our outings even in the snowy winter days.

Steve and Mary Hill

My cute snow shoes!

Last week Mary and I walked back home after a short snow shoe journey. We noticed that a deer was stuck on a fence about 100 yards away. We put our snow shoes back on and walked across the field to it. I thought it was exciting. I felt heroic. We pulled and tugged on the fence and the deer to try to free its back leg that had been impaled by small knob at the top of the cross bars. You can see them in the picture, they are very small. A quarter of an inch knob is all it took to trap this deer. From trying to free itself (before we discovered it) its leg broke. After about five minutes we did free the deer. However, it was too late for us to save it, it cannot survive with a broken leg but we figured it might be a little, just a little, more at peace when it died if it wasn't hanging on a fence.

It has warmed up here in Georgetown the last couple of days its only temporary, though. This is when everone in town gets on their roof and shovels all the snow and ice off. This is a chunk of ice that Danny chiseled off the flat overhang off the side of the house. It was too big to pick up. Some chunks were even thicker than this and up to a foot.There was a huge pile of snow and ice big enough that we had to shovel a walking path around it. The picture doesn't do the size of the ice chunks justice.