Happy Valentine's Day!

I love my husband very much... so I bought him a truck for Valentine's Day. He better love me forever!
Actually, we bought it last Sat. because we need a second vehicle. We got a really good deal (hence bying a truck and not another car). I like trucks too but I don't think I will ever get to drive it because Danny loves it so much.



Yay! Congrats on the truck, you two! It is SO nice having a 2nd vehicle, isn't it? Especially if you're the one stuck at home, without a car all the time! It looks nice...I'm sure Mike will be calling soon to hear all about it.

Janet said...

That's awesome! I love trucks and they are especially nice during the winter. And a 2nd car is nice too. I hope you get that job in Salt Lake so I can see you :)