We meet again

Ohhhhhh, blogging (sigh)! I spend a lot more time on blogger than you all might think. I look at all of your far more interesting sites instead of keeping up with my boring blog. There are just too many of you that I love and want to keep up with the goings on in your lives!!!

But, alas, a new post is past due. I will start with fulfilling my tag assignemt. Are you happy now Carrie?

1. 10 years ago...I was just about a senior in high school. Oh, the care-free days!

2. 5 things to do today... I went to work (an hour late... was bored out of my mind...). Read friend's blogs. Blog. My favorite hobby with my hubby, bake a pie.

3. Favorite snack... right now- I don't really have one. I try not to snack a lot at work. I have to watch my girlish figure, you know.

4. If I were to become a millionaire I would... I would set aside $100,000 to pay for my husbands schooling, a trip to Hawaii, a trip to NY, and maybe Europe too. Continue to work, well, until I have babies. Invest another $100,000 short term. And then, invest the rest long term

5. Places I've lived...Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, California, Spain, Utah and Washington.

6. I tag... no one because I am a party pooper!

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