I have been tagged!

Normally, I don't do these things but I have nothing new to put on my blog. However, in case you care, I put a a few more wedding pics on the first post.

How long have you been together?
We met on July 23, 2006. We got engaged on Dec. 30, 2006 and got married March 23, 2007.

Who said "I Love You" first?
Danny said it first and was crushed that I didn't say it back. I think I said it a few weeks later, though. Now, we are both very good at telling each other often how much we love each other!

Who is smarter?
I am, I graduated from college. I hope he decides to pursue that goal. However, there are some things that he is a lot better at than me, such as, building things (hopefully, our house someday), handy work, cars, hunting, and fly fishing... he looks like a stud when he's fishing! He also has a lot more drive and passion than I have... my drive and passion is almost non-existent.

Who Pays the Bills?
I pay them because he hates to see all of his hard-earned money going away. But, he needs to be more aware of the finances!

Who Cooks Dinner?
I cook. He helps me though, if I am making enchiladas. Just enchiladas, he likes helping me with those, but nothing else... I can't explain it.

Who drives when you're in the car together?
Danny drives, but I wish I could drive more because I love it.

Who is the most stubborn?
Our opinions differ on this question:)

Who wears the pants in your family?
I think I do but I let him wear them sometimes:)

Three random things about me...
1. In highschool my friends told me I should be a taxi driver because I knew how to get everywhere but I would love to be a race car driver!!! I think that would be awesome!
2. I had an internship with the US Navy, for which they payed me to live in Spain for three and a half months.
3. I love longboard skateboarding!

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Ha ha ha...cute! Even though I feel like I know you guys really well, it was fun to see things from your point of view. Usually I hear Danny's. I did almost that exact same tag on the same day you did at almost the same time...what are the odds? :)