Love at first sight

This is our trip to Hawaii that we took in November. Danny fell in love with Hawaii at first sight!

We've arrived! And we all got hawaiian leis.
Even Spencey got a lei! This is Bubby's little brother, who was about 3mos old at the time. He was not a "go with the flow" type of guy. However, he was a perfect angel on the trip and has been ever since. Hawaii is a wonderful place!!!
Our first hawaiian sunset. Danny fell in love with Hawaii again at the first hawaiian sunset!
We loved snorkeling at Haunauma Bay!!!
We went to Pearl Harbor. It is a solemn place. This is part of the USS Arizona that was sunk on December 7, 1941; "A day that will live in infamy." These are the "black tears of the Arizona."
Hawaii is my favorite place to be on Thanksgiving! My tradition, that has become a family tradition, for whoever is there, is to go to the beach on Thanksgiving, while the turkey is already in the oven. Then we come home and shower really quickly, make the side dishes, then sit down at about 6pm for Thanksgiving dinner. The best place for dinner is none other than my brother's garage. Its awesome!!!No one can rain on our parade, except maybe the sky. This was a Christmas parade in Waikiki.
I had to introduce Danny to Matsumotos for shave ice! The best flavor is lilikoi (passion fruit) in case any of you go there.
This is the tower in Pearl Harbor that is also on Ford Island. See below for more pictures. We went to Sea Life Park and saw lots of dolphins, fish, turtles, seals and so on.
Danny holding a starfish. He was scared at first:)
Cute penguin!
Danny was fascinated with the shark. This was after his encounter (see below).
My mom works on Ford Island so we had a private tour. This is the USS Utah which, also sank on Dec. 7, 1941.
Just some monument that I can't remember what its for.
We hiked Diamond Head.
Beautiful view from Diamond Head overlooking Lighthouse Beach.
Out of all the activities Danny loved surfing the most! That is until he saw a six foot shark below him. It took him a few days to get back in the water, but he did it. My brother Jason was jealous because he's lived there eight years and never seen one while surfing.

Danny got so good at surfing that he entered a competition and won:)- jk This is the annual Reef comp. at Haleiwa Beach.
We were going to hike up China Man's Hat. However, it is about a 300yd walk in waste deep water and then the easy part of 20 mins up the "hat". We chose not to do this because to the left of the picture there were very dark, ominous looking clouds. We left and it started to pour 10 mins later.


Janet said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Hawaii. I'm glad that you're posting more pictures! You two look so happy.

Callie & Shawn said...

Danny! I got your blog off of your sister's. How are you? I heard you got married. Congrats. Julee looks like a fun, great gal. Check out our blog it's beardallsfarm.blogspot.com. Hope all is well.