A Brief History

A *brief overview of our lives the last year and a half.
* A VERY short explanation of events and a few pictures to get started.

It all started with an innocent Loder family vacation to Bear Lake, ID in July of 2006. We rented a cabin about 20 mins north of the lake in a town of 538 people, Georgetown, ID.

Sunday July 23 rolled along after a couple of splendid days of boating and wakeboarding on the lake. Unassuming, all 17 of us piled in the motorhome and drove out of the canyon one mile to the church on the corner.
Apparently, as I found out later, I was being watched the entire first two meetings. After a couple failed attempts to talk to me and only saying hello, Danny blocked me from the door. Although, he was cute, it was not my intention to pick some one up on vacation or at church. Danny had other intentions.
He started with small talk but then added in, "if you're going to be around for a while we should go out."
I gave him my number for three reasons. 1. I was a little bit impressed that such a small town boy could be so bold. 2. He was at least cute. 3. I was on vacation!
We went out and had a great time fishing on the "crick" and jeep'n in the mountains. Danny was in love! For me, well, you can see that he convinced me of that (a little while later).

Engagement photos from January. Danny's sister Sara took these as well as our wedding photos. She did a great job.
This is one of my favorites.
Wedding photos on March 23, 2007.

We soon moved to Vancouver, WA. We had fun adventures while we were there.
Danny's first time in the ocean. His parents came to visit us for July 4th. This is at Lincoln City.

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