This is why I love Hawaii! Need I say more...

NO! But, I will anyway. Today I decided to take a walk. The sun was shining brightly and I wanted a breath of fresh air. So, I dressed up and ventured out.

I was home in 15 minutes; I didn't last long in the 10 degree weather even with a beanie, scarf, coat, and gloves!
We would much rather be in Hawaii!
My love affair with paradise will never end. So, you all better get used to seeing the pictures!


Mikael said...

I looked at your pics of all the snow and thought "that is so beautiful!!! I miss snow! That is paradise", then I realized you meant Hawaii was paradise.
It is in the eye of the beholder. And julee, dont you, of all people, see beauty in everything? You better get used to the snow and cold if you are going to be living in utah the rest of your life.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet said...

I love the snow but not the lingering cold weather. At least we don't live in Syberia I heard it's -70 there. After I heard that 19 isn't so bad!