New Doctrine?

It would be worth it to me to have this blog site for this story and this story only. This happened about a year and a half a go during our first Bear Lake Family Vacation experience that I described on the first post.

We went to church in Georgetown, ID in the red brick chapel on the corner of Main Street. So far, we were impressed with the meetings and speakers of the day. My (unbeknownst to me at the time) future mother-in-law gave a great gospel doctrine lesson that I still remember. My small town prejudices were beginning to change.

My sister, sisters-in-law, step-mom, and I proceeded to the third hour meeting, Relief Society. The meeting opened as usual with a song, prayer, and anouncements. Then the teacher stood at the podium and commenced her lesson on "The Condensation of God." Without making a scene I cocked my head to the side a little and justified, for the teacher, that she just had trouble pronouncing it at first, it can be confusing. I'll give her a break I thought. She continued with her lesson and a minute later mentioned how marvelous the "Condensation of God" had been. She didn't studder over the word condensation nor did she try to correct herself. Did no one else from the humble Relief Society notice? Was I, and my family the only ones trying to hold back laughter? Apparently, because no one bothered to tell the poor sister who gave the entire half hour lesson on the "Condensation of God."

If you think about it, technically, God could condensate if He wanted to. However, I don't think that is something we should start teaching as doctrine.

Well, they say God has a sense of humor. I hope He laughs over that as much as I do!!!


Jason said...

Julee, I liked your story...maybe God is crying because of something you did. If you don't remember this was a deep thought from Saturday night live.

Kristen said...

Ahhh....Jack Handey. But am I so far removed that I'm not sure what your teacher *intended* to say? Please help me out here, Jules. By the way, I am so excited that you have a blog. Fun!

Judy said...

For those who may not know what the teacher intended to say...
was condescension not condensation. They are close, yes, but not the same!
Thanks for reading our blog!